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My name is Denise Skinner and I am a registered dietitian nutritionist, licensed in both Kansas and Missouri.  I graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and received my Master of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition from the University of Kansas Medical Center (talk about a house divided). 

I have clinical experience supporting clients with disordered eating through individual and group nutritional counseling.  I have worked in pediatrics, providing family coaching & education for building healthy relationships with both food and physical activity.  In addition to dietetics, I have research experience in the field of bariatrics at Children’s Mercy Hospital. Community outreach is one of my passions and I enjoy volunteering at food pantries, meals on wheels, and teaching adolescent cooking classes.

I wholeheartedly believe that good health exists at every size and love to challenge the social construct that weight is the primary indicator of an individual’s health, success, and value.

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My treatment philosophy begins with meeting an individual where they are at in their lives and recovery process.  I provide patience and deep empathy for those struggling with disordered eating.  Full disclosure, I do not do weight loss.  

I am a natural educator and enjoy teaching individuals to accept their body’s natural design and how to foster a healthy relationship with the food it needs so that living in it feels like a warm hug.

Understanding that food impacts so much more of our lives than just nutrition, I strive to cultivate a collaborative relationship with my clients.  My open and accepting style empowers clients to look forward to their sessions no matter how much progress they made in between.  They leave the office feeling that they have taken a step forward and feel more equipped to disrupt disordered thoughts and overcome disordered behaviors.

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  • All genders

  • Ages 12 and up

  • Any eating disorder

  • ​Anyone that struggles to.....

    • make peace with food

    • enjoy food socially

    • eat what they really want

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After a 15-minute discovery call to make sure we're a good fit, we will meet for 55 minutes for your initial session.  My goal with this session is to get a good understanding of your personal experience and to allow you time to ask any and all of the questions you might have.


I offer 25-minute follow-up sessions where we will identify opportunities to challenge any disordered behaviors and set goals as we work on improving your relationship with food.  We will work together to make sure our efforts are important to your individual needs and to determine how frequently we need to meet.


As we move through recovery, we sometimes need practice with food-related situations; like restaurants, grocery stores, cafeteria lunches, festivals, formal meals, happy hours, and farmer's markets.  The 45-minute group outings are a great way to do that.  With the support of myself and your group peers, we will work through the different aspects of each scenario, building your confidence.



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